Friday, February 17, 2012

History of American Quilting-Part 5

The 1930’s introduced a new found love in quilting. The fabrics of the 30’s were fun, bright, pastel colors with flirty little designs. They were small to medium scale prints and contributed a little bit of happiness to the dreary times of the depression. You can check out this blog post for a more detailed history of 1930's quilts.

For several decades people lost interest in quilting, but in the 1970’s a new resurgence in quilting came about. The granddaughters of quilters began to show interest in quilting again. The Bicentennial also helped regain popularity in quilting. People were turning to quilting as a way to express national pride and show reflections of the past.

Quilting today keeps a balance between traditional quilts and modern designs. More young people should be quilting and the bright colors and new designs help draw the younger crowd in! Bali fabrics are becoming increasingly popular and create beautiful quilts with lots of tones and highlights.

It is great to know that I began quilting at a young enough age that I will one day be able to reflect back on these times and know that I helped create history.


Photos from Google Images and Keepsake Quilting

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