Thursday, February 23, 2012

Scraps and Stash forever

When I first PROPERLY learned how to make a quilt, (please, I beg you, if you need a laugh, take a moment and read about the first one I made, without knowing what I was doing), made four basic quilt tops (Rail Fence, Log Cabin, Friendship Star and Flying Geese). I did do a patriotic one, but it was a log cabin. When it was time to make the Friendship Star, I was kicking myself because mine was Christmas themed and another classmates was patriotic. I have wanted to remake a friendship star ever since and do it with red white blue and patriotic inspired fabrics. I have finally completed that goal! And the best part? I made it all from my scraps and stash. What a liberating feeling to know I am using up those fabric scraps from old projects to create new one. I love how this turned out, and I still have more HSTs to play with. So who knows what else will come from all of these great scraps! I just bought that backing fabric tonight for it and hope to have this one quilted soon. I am trying to work on July and August quilts right now so this one is a priority. After all, February is already coming to a close and I have a feeling, July will sneak up on us in no time...sigh, its life I guess! But I am just thankful that i have finally figured out that if I want a holiday quilt, I need to rework the entire calender so I can get them done before the holiday. After Christmas of 2011, I have promised myself to never procrastinate that much ever again! Happy quilting!

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