Friday, March 23, 2012

Long Arm Quilting

Originally I had planned on posting a new quilt that I just finished today but it will have to be postponed due to the weather we are having right now...basically it is a great day if you are a duck! So instead, I will be talking about the fabulous experience of long arm quilting that I just had.

My Bernina 830 is currently in the shop, waiting on a part to come in but it is on back-order. So I have been using my Bernina 440 QE for the past few days. I had two queen size quilt tops that needed to be quilted, and she generously allowed me to borrow her 830 to quilt them. I got one done fairly quickly, and then she offered me to use her Tin Lizzie 18 long arm machine to quilt the second one. I was more than ready to jump on that offer! So today, I got to Creative Fires at 12:15, and had the entire queen sized quilt loaded and stippled in 1 hour and 47 minutes! I had NO IDEA that it was so quick and easy. Now I have the long arm fever and must own one soon.

So what did I like about it? From start to finish the Lizzie had a very user friendly approach to it. I quickly had the top loaded, and was ready to start quilting. Very fast and easy to do. I LOVED how fast it could stipple! The stitches all looked even with no matter how fast I was sewing. I also enjoyed how easy it was to move. It was not hard to move around like some long arm quilting machines that I have tried before. The Tin Lizzie machine was easy to thread and change bobbins which was very helpful being that it was a queen size quilt and took three full M sized bobbins.

After a nearly year long process of deciding on what kind of machine I wanted. I had it narrowed down to two different machines and just could not decide between them! Now that I have quilted an entire top on the Lizzie, I'd say I am leaning strongly towards it. It is cheaper than the other brand, the local dealer lives right down the road, and it is getting revamped with many new upgrades. It will be available for purchase in April!

I did not know how wonderful it was to quilt on a long arm. If you are a quilter, who is looking to try one out, I recommend you do so! This will make your life much easier! And if you already own a long have no excuse for UFO's! I am telling you they make such quick work of quilting. If you own one, I would love to know what kind you have.

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