Monday, April 2, 2012

School has got the best of me!

Hello loyal and patient readers!

So, I started back to school this past week and unfortunately the blog went by the wayside. I did work on a lot of things towards the end of last week for patterns and the BOM mystery series (to be posted later today). I am working on making a tutorial for the bag I made a month ago, and I am working on writing a pattern for it too...However, I have found that this is much easier said than done! So please forgive me for not giving this blog the attention it deserves. I am trying to get some tutorials and projects up this week.

So now, just for some comic relief...I found this on Pinterest. I do not know the original source, other than it was pinned by Chris P, one of the pinners I follow. It definitely brought a smile to my face

I love this! My favorite has to be the one about the ironing board! Because I NEVER iron any of my clothes, yet it is set up everyday!

I will be posting the beginning of the Block of the Month Mystery Series tonight when I get home from class. I hope that you all will join me with this quilt along! It is a fairly traditional block style, but I have chosen solid fabrics for mine so it will look more modern!

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